Wriston says DOT has auditing and accounting jobs available


CHARLESTON, W. Va. The State Department of Transportation is looking for auditors and accountants.

The agency announced on Monday that it currently has 25 positions available.

Jimmy Wrist

Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston said a job fair is scheduled for Aug. 16 in Charleston.

“It’s really important that people realize that we just don’t need truckers and engineers, especially with these federal programs. Accounting and auditing are very important not only for transparency but also for accountability,” Wriston said.

For the first time in years, the DOT reported a net job gain last year when 638 new employees were hired. The agency said Monday it had hired 634 people so far this year.

A new state law allows the DOT to have its own hiring procedures separate from the State Personnel Division. Wriston said they were now able to hire and get people to work quickly.

Wriston said the DOT faces many of the same obstacles as other employers.

“We have a bit of an aging workforce and a lot of our people have retired, a lot have moved on,” Wriston said. “We are struggling, but we are fighting mightily to organize employment events and reach people and compete with everyone who is there for those jobs.”

The August 16 hiring event will take place at 1340 Smith Street in Charleston. The goal is to hire trainee accountant auditors, accountant auditors, senior accountant auditors, office assistants, business operations assistants and accounting technicians, the agency said.

DOT Auditing Director Dawna Cook said salaries for the auditing division have been increased significantly to help the agency compete with the private sector.

Wriston encourages residents to consult the The DOT Careers Page.

“There is hardly any profession, hardly any skill that we cannot use in the Department of Highways or the Department of Transport in general,” he said.


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