Wolters Kluwer adds to CCH Axcess platform


At its annual CCH Connections user conference, held last week in Austin, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting launched two new additions to its CCH Axcess product line: CCH Axcess Validate and CCH Axcess Marketplace.

CCH Axcess Validate automates the bank confirmation process for audits, leveraging blockchain technology to collect financial data from banks and other financial institutions with a certified audit trail showing proof of all interactions and identities involved.

“Unlike other solutions available today, CCH Axcess Validate uses blockchain technology to share confidential financial data when auditing a business,” said Colleen Knuff, vice president of audit products management , in a press release. “This patent-pending solution allows the auditor to obtain detailed transactional data directly from financial institutions, which further enables transactions to be matched to client records for verification.

“In addition, CCH Axcess Validate enables the auditor to share audit results with third parties, such as peer reviewers and inspectors or other auditors involved in the audited company, in a reliable and secure manner.” , she added.

Meanwhile, CCH Axcess Marketplace offers technology integrators a single place to find third-party solutions that integrate with CCH Axcess data. There is also a Developer Portal to help application developers and technology integrators use CCH Axcess open APIs.

“When we first launched the CCH Axcess ™ expert solution, we built it on an open integration platform so that businesses can leverage common customer data across other applications and systems,” Cathy Rowe, vice president of product management, for the US professional market, said in a report. “Building stronger partnerships with technology integrators gives our customers more options and opportunities to automate their processes and improve efficiency and productivity. “

Developers and technology integrators can get three levels of CCH Axcess APIs:

  • The entry-level licensed consultant level for those who want to try out API data for testing purposes or to create custom integrations;
  • The Licensed Integrator Partner level, with the right to license and resell API data-based products, as well as marketing and training support for Wolters Kluwer; and,
  • The Software Partner level, which offers a higher level of API and technical support.

For more information on the partner program, click here.

Finally, Wolters Kluwer announced its membership in the Supplier Marketing Program of BDO Alliance, a national association of independent accounting firms.

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