Uncle Al (ie Capone) Business Advice | How to run a business


Al Capone might not have been your typical entrepreneur. After all, he was convicted of tax evasion and was actively involved in prostitution, bribery, smuggling, and the sale of illegal alcohol. But just because his business wasn’t legal doesn’t mean Capone didn’t know anything about running a successful operation. In fact, Capone owned over 300 businesses and knew how to get things done and https://www.businessnewsdaily.com

In fact, Capone’s business acumen may well have been one of his greatest assets, according to Deirdre Marie Capone, Al Capone’s great-niece who lived in the house of her famous (and favorite) uncle. Capone, the last member of the family born with the name Capone, wrote an explicit memoir which details her efforts to hide the fact that she was related to Capone and recounts her decision to eventually adopt her name and family history.

The book, “Uncle Al Capone… The Untold Story From Inside His Family” (Recap Publishing, 2011), tells many untold facts about the life, death and business connections of this iconic figure.

In the book, she recalls the life of a child growing up in the Capone house and shares fond memories of the man who taught her to ride a bike, swim and play the mandolin.

Capone said she knew what the “family” really looked like and what the “outfit” was all about. In her revealing book, she shares details so far unknown, including her claims that Ralph (Al’s older brother) and Al Capone lobbied the Nevada legislature to legalize gambling, alcohol and prostitution in this state; that they were the owners of the first high-end casino in Las Vegas long before Bugsy Siegel arrived in Vegas, and what really happened during the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

In an exclusive interview with BusinessNewsDaily, Capone gives us some business advice that could come directly from his notorious uncle.

  • You are only as good as your word. Al Capone ran a very efficient business, she said. He taught everyone who worked for him, “Your word must be your bond.
  • Remember where you came from. When Al Capone saw one of his employees strutting around acting like a big hat, he would say, “Don’t let your head get too big for your hat.
  • Be honest with your business partners. Ralph and Al Capone only needed to issue orders to employees once and they had to do their jobs properly. Al Capone would tell them, “Don’t lie to the people you work for.”
  • Remember, it’s never easy. Al Capone ran over 300 different establishments at one time. When a reporter wrote how easy it was for him to make money, he was quoted as saying. “Find out what it’s like to run a business and meet a payroll. “
  • Retain your customers. Al Capone supplied good quality alcohol to the citizens of Chicago from 1920 to 1931 during Prohibition. He was quoted by a reporter as saying “Be loyal to your friends and invincible to your enemies.”


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