The One and Only Selling Secret – Business Advice During the COVID Pandemic



Need more sales during the coronavirus crisis? Looking for ideas on how to operate in a post-COVID world? COLEBY NICHOLSON met a retailer, who knew a guy a good friend said had the one and only sales secret. Better yet, it’s all true.

The story is this: A company struggled to survive during the last recession. He had traded very well during better times, but was under pressure as customers tightened their belts and were prudent in spending.

Fearing that his team would dwell on the negative and worry about going about their day-to-day business as they always have, before the recession, the owner decided to review the business before any drastic action was taken. necessary.

First, he spoke to the sales and marketing staff. They performed their job as well as they always had – there was no reduction in customer service levels and the owner knew his products were always the best.

But sales continued to decline. What was the problem?

Still worried, the owner decided to contact a sales and motivation guru; one who specializes in training staff to face difficult economic conditions. He announced that everyone was to take a two-hour business training the following Friday morning.

Staff received a leaflet describing the sales guru training session:

“Thrive and prosper when times are tough.”

The leaflet contained details of his history and expertise and ended with this promise: “As other industry experts tell you about ways to improve your sales in tough economic conditions, I promise you in the end from my two hour session, you know the one and only secret to making money in tough times. ‘

The staff thought, “Wow, this is going to be amazing. Our problems are solved. Not only will I keep my job; I could start earning commissions again.

Friday arrived and everyone entered the meeting room. The chairs were neat and everyone was sitting patiently. When the motivation guru entered the room, he handed out lecture notes and began his well-rehearsed session.

He was catchy and inspiring. Covering everything from sales and service to marketing, promotions and the customer’s mind, everyone in the room got upbeat. The owner smiled and welcomed his decision to bring in an outside expert to motivate his staff.

The guru couldn’t have done better.

The session ended with question time. Many questions were asked on how to better close sales, manage objections, improve product presentations and sales forecasts.

The session was a success. Even the owner was excited.

Just as the session was about to end, one of the staff, Bill, spoke up. Bill was known to be shrewd and clever. He didn’t speak often but when he did, everyone listened. The room fell silent.

“On behalf of all the staff, I want to thank you for your wonderful session. You are certainly an inspiration and you have given us some very good advice. However, knowing their teammate well, Bill’s co-workers could see a “but” coming up, a “but from Bill”, which they called it.

Sure enough, Bill added, “But… you talked for two hours and your flyer said you would show us the one and only secret to making money in tough times. You didn’t do that! What is this so-called sales secret? “

You could see everyone in the room thinking about the comment and agreeing that Bill was right. As good as the session was, the motivational speaker had never spoken once about selling more in tough times. The room fell silent again.

The guru stood up and said in a loud voice, “You know, you are absolutely right and I apologize! If anyone wants to know the secret to making money in hard times, please stand up and move behind your chair.

At first there was confusion, but slowly everyone got up and moved behind their chairs as the speaker said, “Now turn your chair over. ”

Somewhat bewildered, staff turned their chairs to see an envelope, with the word “Secret” written in red ink, stuck to the bottom of the seat.

The sales and motivation expert told everyone to open their envelope. Inside was a new $ 20 bill attached to a sheet, which read:

There are no secrets in this world BUT… you just won $ 20 by getting rid of your ass!

When times are tough, do it more often.

Nothing can be truer for jewelers and other retailers today, while battling the COVID pandemic.

* This article was first published by Jeweler in 2011, and has been updated.



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