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Find out how to access Google My Business.

In the digital age where information is accessible at your fingertips, Google has become the master of this new field. Anyone can easily search for anything and everything in seconds, including businesses in the area. Many businesses know that there is a free platform on Google that allows them to distribute information about their business. For small or medium-sized businesses, making the most of this platform, Google My Business, is an easy way to increase their local SEO rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to any business. Poor SEO strategies will lower a business’s relevant search results in Google rankings. There are companies, such as Actual SEO Media, Inc., that help build and optimize long-term SEO strategies, but for businesses just starting out, Google My Business is a great start.

Google My Business is for businesses that have face-to-face interactions with customers. This tool is intended to serve in-person businesses with a limited location. Therefore, it is not very useful for virtual businesses.

The process of registering a business on the platform is straightforward.

1. Log in to Google.

2. Go to and choose “Start Now”.

3. Enter the company name.

4. Enter the address.

Choose to activate certain choices: “I deliver goods and services to my customers”. and “Hide my address. Show region only.”

These options are intended for businesses that cater to their customers and not the other way around. To fully optimize this function, be sure to choose the area and scope of delivery.

5. Choose business categories.

Google will use these categories to target specific types of customers. Making sure these tags are as specific as possible will prevent Google from targeting bad customers and potential customers.

6. Add a phone number and website address.

7. Choose a verification method.

There are five different verification methods: postcard, phone, email, instant, and bulk. There are pros and cons to each method, so it’s up to the company to decide which one works best.

Postcard verification is the old-fashioned method where a physical postcard with the verification code is mailed to the specified business address. Not all businesses are eligible for verification by phone or email, but if not, the code will be sent by text or email. Instant Verification occurs if the business has already set up a Verified Google Search Console (another tool that helps manage site performance levels).

Group verification is for businesses with ten or more locations that are not location management services or agencies. Google will provide a form to fill out with relevant information from all locations. Due to the length of the process, Google can take up to a week to process everything.

It’s not over after configuring and verifying the platform. To keep a business relevant, optimization is necessary. Adding photos, hours of operation and disabled-accessible tools to the platform will allow potential consumers to easily access the information they need.

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