Rossendale Council to Host Business Advisory Workshops


COMPANIES in a borough will benefit from free online workshops to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic.

The sessions will be led by the Rossendale Council and will cover issues such as guidance and support for Covid-19, access to finance and debt management.

The premiere is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17.

Brad Hacking, business advisor for organizer Rossendale Council, said: “These are incredibly tough times for businesses, and we want to make sure we’re there as much as possible. We will provide support to our local businesses in a variety of ways, from free workshops to personalized advice – and all at no cost to businesses.

“The first workshop will be led by Phil Morton, our public protection officer. He will give us an update on the commercial support currently available as well as an overview of the current directions of Covid and how its team is working for the business world. ”

Mr. Morton said, “It’s so difficult for companies to keep up to date with directions because there have been quite a few changes recently. There may be questions they feel are specific that they haven’t been able to find the answers to and having a real person to ask is often reassuring. ”

The workshops, which will be held via Zoom, will include a question and answer session.


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