PKF Mueller Expands Into Outsourced Accounting Services With Complete Finance As A Service (FaaS) Solution | Illinois


MdK provides services to manage basic accounting to manage financial and accounting (F&A) functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial reporting and analysis, cash flow management, accounting basic, monthly closing and all related functions. MdK “works with” or, in many cases, “works as” the accounting department of companies. One of the core solutions that represents enormous value for medium and large enterprises is MdK’s shared finance and accounting service center model which generates efficiency gains through an integrated ‘team’ approach. . “What was founded just over 10 years ago was exactly what PKF Mueller’s CAS department needed to continue and maintain our reputation for quality customer service without having to dramatically increase our rates,” said David J. Nissen, CEO.

The value proposition of MdK’s Faas solution comes not only from outsourcing, but from the benefits derived from the experience and delivery approach of using cloud technology, online accounting applications and the ability to design customized solutions to reorganize financial processes.

“MdK’s mantra of transforming, managing and empowering has proven to be effective in delivering value to our clients by providing flexibility, scalability, continuity as well as cost savings. And now, with increased leadership, people and brand power, MdK is uniquely positioned to serve growing customers, ”said Phani Ilapakurty, President of MdK.

“This is a natural evolution of industry-wide accounting services,” said Martin Moll, vice president of MdK.

Beth Ulbrich, vice president of operations at MdK, echoed Martin’s comments, saying, “We use a technology-driven, solution-driven approach to maximize your current resources and streamline your processes to save you time. and money in sales teams and departments. “

MdK is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and is supported by a team of over 300 finance and accounting professionals located in the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Chicago, and Portland, as well as Sarasota and Hyderabad, India. ).

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  • PKF Mueller Expands Into Outsourced Accounting Services With Complete Finance As A Service (FaaS) Solution | Illinois
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