Loeb Appoints Mary Jane Anderson as Vice President of Accounting and Finance


Mary Jane Anderson joined the team of Loeb as Vice President of Accounting and Finance. Mary-Jane has over 20 years of experience leading accounting and finance teams and managing large loan portfolios. Mary-Jane is delighted to join the Loeb team and looks forward to helping continue its long tradition as a leader in the field of industrial asset life cycle.

As Vice President of Accounting and Finance, Mary-Jane serves as the company’s financial steward, overseeing day-to-day accounting, as well as financial planning, analysis and strategy. More recently, Mary-Jane most recently, he served as vice president of finance in the industrial real estate and telecommunications sector, driving growth, internal controls and processes. His unique experience in accounting and finance gives Loeb a competitive edge in machinery and equipment financing.

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“We couldn’t be happier to have Mary-Jane aboard Loeb,” said Loeb Chairman Howard Newman. “His more than two decades of experience will be used across all Loeb operations in our four main verticals and uniquely positions us to be an industry leader in all aspects of the industrial asset life cycle. Mary Janes our skill set will allow us to significantly grow our asset-based lending portfolio to levels never seen in Loeb’s history.

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