Lawpath Unveils On-Demand Accounting Services


Online legal services provider Lawpath is expanding into accounting services to better help small and medium businesses.

Earlier in December, Lawpath announced it was expanding its on-demand subscription legal services to also include accounting, to better help millions of Australian SMEs.

The offer, the provider said in a statement, is the result of a partnership with a local accounting firm, POP Business, and provides for the two to offer a joint legal and accounting subscription service.

News follows Lawpath’s $ 7.5 million in funding raised in October of this year.

Speaking about the new offering, Lawpath CEO Dominic Woolrych (pictured) said the provider has seen “tremendous growth” in companies seeking on-demand legal advice, and with that, strong demand for an accountant and company secretary equivalent.

“This year we have seen an explosion of new business trainings which have been led by a large number of new entrepreneurs. Providing crucial legal and accounting advice helps these companies to do everything possible, ”he said.

“We found that small businesses were looking for a hassle-free solution where they could combine their legal, accounting and corporate compliance into a single, fixed-price subscription. We’ve partnered with POP Business to provide small businesses with an affordable offering that will keep their businesses compliant and on the safe side of the law.

POP Business CEO Pat Sargent added that due to price shocks, companies increasingly need ongoing support and advice.

“We saw this during the last pandemic where our consulting solutions helped thousands of businesses survive and get through a turbulent time by receiving proactive advice on accessing government grants, financial support and funding. other advisory services.,” he said.

“There is a growing overlap between law and accounting, and therefore this partnership with Lawpath will ensure that businesses across Australia receive on-demand expert advice to stay ahead and succeed in their business operations. “

Lawpath Unveils On-Demand Accounting Services

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Last updated: December 21, 2021

Posted: December 30, 2021


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