Jeremy Corbyn gives business advice at Restaurant Norwich



A Norwich restaurant owner has revealed how he received business advice from former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn during a surprise visit to the restaurant.

The village of Namaste on Queens Road hosted the politician on Friday evening with Masala Dosa and Chilli Gobi served for Mr Corbyn, who is a vegetarian, and his colleagues.

Mr Corbyn also visited the Artichoke pub on Magdalen Road and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn over the weekend.

Namaste Village business manager Vijay Jetani asked Mr Corbyn for his top restaurant tips.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn on a visit to the village of Namaste on Queens Road in Norwich
– Credit: Namaste Village

Mr Jetani said: “He mentioned that you should take care of your employees because they are the heart and soul of the company. He said” you have a great team, keep up with what you are doing and you will have more success to come. It is very important to take care of them ”.

“It sounds like exactly what we are doing but it is confirmation that we are on the right track.”

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The restaurant has previously hosted Norwich South MP Clive Lewis and former North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.

Mr Jetani continued, “When you see politicians on TV and meet them in person, it’s very different. They are very humble, polite and want to talk to you and listen to you.

“I was overwhelmed to meet a [former] national leader.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the village of Namaste in Norwich

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the village of Namaste in Norwich
– Credit: Namaste Village

“Society should feel more connected with them [politicians] rather than looking at them like aliens. It is not an easy job.

“I was fortunate enough to be president of Norfolk and Norwich Indian Society so I know it’s a thankless job, how hard you have to work to get the job done while facing criticism .

“I think we should be more grateful and put more positive energy on our side.”

The Indian restaurant recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with a special event that brought together 70 people.

And with all the coronavirus restrictions set to be lifted on July 19, the restaurant is planning a special Hindu wedding with a traditional ceremony that day to celebrate the return to full freedom.



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