Intuit Beta Tests Revenue Share Program With Professional Accounting Advisors


Members of Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro Advisor program could soon take advantage of a new initiative that enables revenue sharing with the company. Under the new program, which is currently in beta testing, accountants can receive a percentage of the invoice price their clients pay each month on new QuickBooks Online (30%) or Payroll (15%) subscriptions.

Professionals will be able to enroll in the revenue share program through their dashboard and by selecting the gear icon. This process must be completed through the primary admin or business owner and will require the business tax ID to begin. Once officially enrolled in the program, they would then select “Add Client” and then “Revenue Share” under the “Bill My Client” option. From there, they would select the relevant product (such as QuickBooks Online or Payroll), add the client’s information, and save. This will allow the customer to get a 30-day free trial for the software; before the end of these days, the customer will also have to provide payment information and activate the subscription, which will be sold with a 50% discount for the first three months.

Once enrolled in the program, the accountant will receive a monthly payment for all eligible customer subscriptions, usually after approximately one to two months due to the 30-day free trial (payment is calculated only after the customer has started the paid subscription). The overall program lasts twelve months. By billing customers directly, Intuit said accountants will be able to save time because they don’t have to manage their subscriptions themselves. Intuit noted that customers themselves will not be notified of this revenue-sharing arrangement.

The program aims to recognize the work accountants do to recommend, set up and onboard new clients to QuickBooks. Currently available for a limited number, the plan is to make it widely available over the next few months. Those interested in learning more can go to This site.


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