Eye Care Professionals Received This Business Advice From Their Parents


WEA ASKED owners and managers of eye care businesses who responded to the large INVISION 2021 survey a two-part question:

  1. Please tell us the most important business lesson your parents gave you.
  2. What is the most important business lesson you will try to pass on to your children? (Imaginary child is fine).

Above all, ECPs have inherited respect for hard work – “Work hard, and if you fail, get up and try again,” one respondent said, citing their parents – and the Golden Rule. Their parents also touted the value of honesty and frugality:

  • “Always do the right thing, especially when you think no one is watching you. Someone is ALWAYS looking !! “and” Don’t get a Visa card “.

Other pearls of parental wisdom recalled by our survey respondents include:

  • “Every day is a good day to work.
  • “[Get a] good lawyer, accountant and insurance agent.
  • “Don’t assume you know what anyone can or can’t afford.”
  • “Spending most of the money; decor and fantasy can come later.
  • “Be nice to everyone: you never know when you’ll meet them in a job interview. “
  • “The truth is much easier to remember than a lie. Be honest about what you do and admit your mistakes.
  • “Write plans and review them, instead of rushing decisions. “
  • “If you have a million dollars in the bank, you have nothing until you pay the last person you owe money to.”
  • “To be on time.”
  • “Dress well. “
  • “Don’t take shit from anyone.”
  • “Don’t be like me.”


Likewise, the main message of ECPs for their children is to work hard, but they seem more eager than their parents to contextualize this advice. While “doing to others” is still present in the mix, as words to live with have been somewhat overshadowed by exhortations to “follow your passion”, or at least find a healthy work-life balance. private: “Money is not everything. Time is the only non-renewable resource, ”one respondent told her children.

Here are some other tips that ECPs have for their children or protected:

  • “Have fun and love what you do every day. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.
  • “Do not spare the opportunity to live well. Life is short and the person with the best stories will be the winner at the retirement home. “
  • “The most important thing is to follow the changes of time and to adjust our thoughts over time.”
  • “Always be good; everyone experiences something that you don’t know anything about.
  • “Always do your best and set high standards for your best. “
  • “Always have a goal that you are working towards.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  • “Be prepared for the unexpected.”
  • “The highs are high and the lows are low; stay humble.
  • “You can do it.”
  • “Be different!”
  • “School comes first.”
  • “Never stop learning. Always listen to a new idea.
  • “Make sure you hire people you trust. “
  • “Work hard, laugh hard, earn money. “
  • “Become an optometrist instead of an optician. “


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