Entrepreneurs benefit from Kent BIPC business advice


The Kent Libraries Business and Intellectual Property Center is off to an impressive start with over 100 potential entrepreneurs getting in touch to bring their business ideas to life.

BIPC Kent, part of the British Library’s nationwide network of similar centers across the country, was set up to advise start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs and anyone with a business idea.

Mike Hill cuts the ribbon to mark the official opening of the BIPC

After operating successfully at the Kent History and Library Center in Maidstone for several months, it has now had an official opening, attended by some of the entrepreneurs this new service offering has already helped.

To mark the official opening, a ribbon was cut by Mike Hill, KCC’s Cabinet Member for Community and Regulatory Services, who praised the County Library Service for taking on a number of new initiatives in recent years. years, the latest of which is the addition of the BIPC.

“BIPC Kent transforms the way ideas grow into successful businesses,” he said. “It supports a thriving community of bright and inspiring people in Kent by partnering with the Library Service and providing information and access to free resources, training and events.

“Providing valuable support to the many entrepreneurs across the county who need a little help and guidance will ensure their businesses have the best chance of success.”

Kizzy Barton, the founder of Oatmeals UK

James Pearson, Head of Libraries, Registration and Archives at KCC, said: “Our libraries have always had a business support service. This is part of the role of libraries; we are part of the community wellness and sustainability ecosystem and a post-pandemic area where we could do more to support businesses.

“What we needed was to take it to the next level – the answer was to apply to be part of the BIPC network.

“We visited the British Library and saw the BIPC there and most importantly we saw the testimonials from companies where the BIPC had made a vital positive difference. This is a concept for the future and we have taken the next steps to bring this concept to Kent and thank the British Library for accepting us and all their support.

Among the entrepreneurs who spoke at the launch was Kizzy Barton, the founder of Oatmeals UK, which will offer “a healthy and wholesome alternative to conventional coffees”.

She told the audience, “We hope, in the future, to run a mobile cafe that will serve porridge and small dishes with oats as the main ingredient.”

Kizzy said the guidance of BIPC’s business support specialist, Tito Shokunbi, was a huge help in launching one of his menu items, overnight oats, at the event. official opening. “I got great feedback and the overnight oats jars were a treat.”

She also won a £500 grant for her business by submitting her business plan.

Author Samantha Buchanan spoke about her upcoming book, tentatively titled ‘The Dark Days of Motherhood: What They Don’t Tell You’, and said: “Tito and the team at BIPC Kent have been extremely helpful in support me with my book.

“I really didn’t know where to start looking for a publisher to support my project. I have a meeting with Tito and he walked me through the resources available at the library to compile a list of businesses that might be able to help. Without this support, I would not have been able to find a publisher and continue my journey.

Matt James of Made in Kent Radio

Also in attendance was Matt James, from Made in Kent Radio, who said the station was keen to promote small businesses and start-ups who could not afford the normal advertising rates charged by commercial radio stations.

He said: “We look forward to working with BIPC Kent, potentially meeting more regularly to discuss on-air IP as some companies might not even know it. I hope we can work together to help businesses move forward.

The BIPC is a partnership with the British Library, supported by Department of Media Culture funding and support.

It is a physical and virtual hub where people come together to learn, network, and access free, low-cost information and vital support to protect and market a business idea. The service provides:

  • free access to high quality UK and global market information, customer information and company data
  • Advice and support in intellectual property
  • Free personalized mentoring and training
  • Thematic business networking events
  • A welcoming space and access to PCs, offices and WiFi.

BIPC Kent offers information and access to free resources, training and events. Visitors can also book free one-on-one consulting sessions with Tito Shokunbi to receive expert advice on how to start or grow a business.

For more information, visit www.bipckent.org.uk or contact the service by emailing [email protected]

From understanding the vital role of trademarks and patents, to business research on customers, markets and industries, to workshops to develop practical business skills, the Kent Business and IP Center can provide the help and the support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Kent often need. .


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