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Terry Fergus discusses the importance of building relationships and always having your eyes open to the opportunities around you. As a successful entrepreneur and trusted financial advisor, Fergus shares the most important question every client is dying to answer: “Tell me about yourself.” Tune in to this week’s Million Dollar Monday to find out more!

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About Terry Fergus: Terry Fergus is Founder and President of FSM Capital Management and has over 35 years of financial and accounting expertise. Before starting his own business, he was a partner of one of the world’s largest accounting firms, KPMG. His specialties include insurance advice; executive compensation; financial, estate and retirement planning; and qualified and unqualified pension plans. Fergus enjoys giving back to the community by hosting conferences for groups of executives and professionals. He is also an avid football and basketball coach for student-athletes.

About Million Dollar Monday: Million Dollar Monday features real successful people with real, helpful advice for entrepreneurs and people with big dreams. The series is hosted by Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, the first Distributor ranked by Print + Promo.


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