Accounting Services Ltd Appoints New Director


Conrad Meli has been appointed the new director of Accounting Services Ltd, which is part of Business Concept International plc.

He has over 13 years of experience in the accounting field, where he started his career as a junior accountant in a local company and eventually joined Accounting Services Ltd in 2016 as an accountant.

Later, based on his knowledge and experience, he was also given the role of team leader. Being such an asset to the company, it was the right time for him to pursue his career and be appointed director.

The Board of Directors congratulated Meli, calling him an influential person within the group: “He was instrumental in managing the accounting team and achieving goals at Accounting Services Ltd, and we are happy. to have him as one of the executive directors within the Business Concept International plc group of companies.

Upon the announcement of her appointment, Meli said: “This is a proud moment as it is the result of the hard work and efforts over the past four years. From the start, I felt that management had entrusted me with important roles within the company and I am happy that my contribution has helped the company to grow.

“As a newly appointed director, I want to ensure continuous improvement of the company. “

Meli will now join her colleague and director Joceline Caruana, who was also appointed director of Accounting Services Ltd in 2019.

Accounting Services Ltd is a company within Business Concept International plc, providing professional services such as accounting, consulting, tax advice and business services. For more information visit

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