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You see a glint in their eyes, a smile spreads across their cheeks, and you hear the curiosity in their voices. No, we’re not talking about that kind of privacy.

The Seven Levels of Privacy is a book written by Matthew Kelly. It redefines the relationships in our lives and can reveal a lot about ourselves.

Being intimate with your customers is just as important as being intimate with other special people in your life.

To build a deeper level of relationship with your customers, you need to go through these steps. How well do you reveal yourself? And to what extent do you get your customers to reveal themselves to you?

Here are the seven levels:

  1. Cliché – the most basic level of privacy. Hey how are you? I’m fine thank you. Good day.
  2. Facts – the level where there is no debate. Basically, if it’s raining, you can’t say it’s sunny.
  3. Opinions – this is where most conflicts occur. Customers give opinions and you might not always agree. However, it’s good that they tell you about their opinions and reveal a bit about themselves.
  4. Hopes and dreams – this is the level where we accept differences. You can connect with customers. What do they want? What are your client’s hopes and dreams?
  5. Feelings – this is where customers are comfortable enough to share their feelings with you. Once you have reached this emotional level with your client, a connection will be made.
  6. Flaws, Fears & Failures – Can You Get Your Customers To Share These Three F’s? In general, it is more difficult for men to get to this stage.
  7. Legitimate Needs – the final level is knowing the needs of your customers.

You are not there to simply sell a product or service. You are also a human. You can’t close a client until you are at level seven. Opportunities will not present themselves to you until you connect and be intimate with the people around you.


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